Mama Mattie

Mattie is now an adult and ready to be a mommy. She found the perfect mate, Chance, who lives around the corner. He is a really handsome yellow lab with a great pedigree! Mattie Conceived around August 28th 2014 and should have her pups around the first week in October.
We are very excited.

Mattie is now one year old and life has calmed down.  Mattie and Emma take turns going to work with me at Boa Technology.  Due to the pack mentality dogs can get when there is more then one, I only bring them one at a time.

Mattie is very attached to a few of the Boa people.  She is going on 90 pounds now and believes herself to be a lap dog.  However at work we have been able to keep the lap time at a minimum.  At home she still has lots of lap time with Tony.  She is also a Frisbee dog with amazing jumps and catch capabilities.  Emma who has always been a Frisbee dog is slowing down a bit.  We try to make it easier for her to catch a Frisbee without a lot of jumping.  This is mainly because we want Emma’s limbs to last as long as possible.

Both dogs love to swim.  We go to Chatfield dog park where they have some large ponds  for the dogs to swim in.  Emma always reaches the toy that is thrown into the water first but Mattie stalks her and tries to take it away from her or just grabs on to it, with both of them carrying it up the bank of the pond.  Emma won’t let go for anything so Mattie always relinquishes the toy.  However at this point Mattie is stronger but Emma has moves that out do some bull fighters.