Puppy Class

A thirteen week old lab that weighs thirty pounds can be a handful.  A thirteen week old lab that weights thirty pounds and is smart is a dilemma.  When Mattie walked into (ok, pulled me into) puppy class it was obvious that she was the largest dog there, not the oldest just the largest.  As the trainer bends down to welcome her to the class Mattie proceeds to pee.  Mattie pees every time she meets someone new.  The good news is that she has a decent memory and usually remembers who she has met and who is new so the peeing usually only happens once.  My sweet Granddaughter, Lizzie is with us, we take a seat next to a couple with a darling wirehair terrier named Buddy.  Buddy immediately nips at Mattie, being twice Buddies size Mattie assumes he is a wild beast and shrinks under my chair.  When she realizes that Buddy is a puppy she begins to bark at him to put him in his place.  It did not work but it did create a barking competition.  I quickly filled my hand up with treats and let Mattie smell them.  That got Mattie’s attention and kept it through most of the class (I only went through around 120 treats 🙂 .

When the instructor asked us what we wanted to get out of the class many people talked about training their dog to sit or listen or not chase the cat.  When it came to Mattie it was train her to not stand on the dining room table or pee when she met a new person.  Yes I said stand on the Dining room table!  Day before yesterday I came home from work exhausted and my husband said “Mattie has a new trick”  as if on que Mattie runs over to the dining room chair jumps up like it was a step stool and proceeds to stand on the table!  The training class ended with Mattie showing off how well she sat and focused (she was focused on treats) and us leaving with the hope that Mattie will not rule our home forever.

Last night my husband reminded me that Emma was crazy till at least two.  Two years seems sort of far away.  I may be retired by then.  Or dead.