Exploits of a puppy at 15 weeks

The day begins at 5:30 with taking Mattie out to go pee.  We beg Emma to come to but she snarls back that it is only 5:30 and are we crazy!  After Mattie squats outside and tinkles we take her in and give her a small treat, hoping it will hold her over for an hour till breakfast.  Back to bed we go.  Mattie thinks that this should really be the beginning of play time but after everyone on the bed growls, snarls, yells and glowers at her she lays down and tries to go back to sleep for that precious last hour.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not but the next time she pounces on one of our faces we get up and feed her and force Emma to rise up out of her deep slumber and eat too.  We have to watch over the eating time (which for Mattie is less then 2 minutes) to make sure that Mattie does not push Emma (who is still 3 times Mattie’s size) out of the way and finish her food.  Then Emma and Mattie are outside for a couple of hours and we are getting ready for work or on the weekend getting an extra hour or so of snooze time.

How many things can a lab puppy put in her mouth in a day?  The answer is that you can’t count that high!  Here is a short list…a whole corncob swallowed in 2 halves, a cupcake paper (swallowed like magic), a screw (not swallowed because I dug it out of her mouth) numerous shoes, a pair of men’s shorts, cat treats (a whole bag consumed)…this is just one day…by the way the corncob was thrown up for 3 days but at least it did not cause a blockage.