Good bye Carpets

Puppy training appears to be going really well.  Mattie at 5 months sits next to the door to ask to go out and do her business which is wonderful.  So we naturally felt confident in having our carpets cleaned and deodorized.  $400 dollars later we happily sat in our living room and enjoyed the clean, fresher smelling carpets. 

The next day a cup of bacon grease was sitting on the counter with three paper towels soaking up the grease within the cup.  The cup was on the back of the counter and we decided that we needed to run to the store.  We forgot about the cup of grease and were confident that all would be ok.  When we got home two hours later the cup was off the counter (unbroken, meaning that Emma was the one to grab it off the counter) laying on the floor.  Grease and paper towels were gone but all else was ok.  We felt that we had gotten off easy and figured they would digest the paper towels and that would be it.  One o’clock in the morning came with a loud retching sound I turned on the light just in time to see Mattie projectile vomit the paper towels, bacon grease and her dinner all over our clean bedroom carpets.  Now my daughter used to projectile vomit when a young baby but she had nothing on Mattie!

It took us an hour to clean up the disaster and finally we got back to bed.  Emma still had her paper towel to get rid of and she did the next day out on the grass….gotta love Emma!

My husband just called me.  He found Mattie chewing on a closed prescription bottle of codeine! (no pills got out)  She might be potty trained but she is still a baby!